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  • Guest Blog - Sprinkle some fun into your weekend with this family friendly activity!

    Guest Blog - Sprinkle some fun into your weekend with this family friendly activity!

    The Stay Home, Stay Safe order has impacted every household in so many different ways. Whether you are working from home while homeschooling, seeking new activities for your family, or simply looking to take a break from everything, DONUT panic, fun is on the way! 

    Create your own delicious desserts with a Fun Kit from Sprinkles Donut Shop in Allendale. This kit includes six plain donuts, three cups of different colored, vanilla flavored frosting and two cups of different styled sprinkles for only $10. Orders can be placed over the phone one day prior to pick up (have your credit card ready) and your Fun Kit will be available to pick-up in store or curbside on Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's! Your family will love you a HOLE lot.

    Here are 4 tips for quality creative time with your kiddos: 
    1. Picking out or creating the perfect donut requires using all 5 senses. Ask your child to describe how the donut looks, feels, smells, sounds (shake the sprinkles) and tastes! 
    2. Spreading frosting and placing sprinkles is a great activity to work on fine motor skills. Use dull plastic knifes or spatulas to practice holding, scooping and spreading. 
    4. Let them be messy and plan accordingly. Cover your work station with a disposable table cloth for easy clean up. Be sure your donut artist is wearing an apron or play clothing to stains. 
    5. There are no rules! Have fun and be creative. 

    For more information please contact Sprinkles Donut Shop of Allendale:

    5135 Lake Michigan Drive
    (616) 986-1413

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