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  • 2023 Best of Allendale Awards

    The Allendale Area Chamber of Commerce Best of Allendale Awards are presented to local businesses and community members in order to celebrate their outstanding achievements, acknowledge community voted-local favorites, and celebrate business in Allendale, Michigan! Recipients of awards must reside/conduct business in Allendale, Michigan or be a Chamber Member. All voting will conclude Friday, October 20, 2023.
    Best in Professional Services
    Vote for your favorite business in the professional services categories, businesses may be entered more than once.
    Best in Lifestyle
    Vote for the best in lifestyle awards, locations, businesses, and attractions that improve your experience living and working in Allendale.
    Best in Food & Drink
    Everyone's favorite category! What we love to eat! Vote for your favorite businesses and restaurants that you crave and frequent!
    Best in Retail
    Vote for businesses, shops, and stores which you find your favorite things, whether it's antiquing, thrifting, new appliances, or anything in between!
    Best in Beauty & Fashion
    Where do you go to look and feel your best? Vote for those places where you feel pampered!
    Best Overall
    Please provide first and last name, and email address. This person plays a pivotal role in the community professionally and personally, makes an impact, is actively present, etc.
    Think about contributions and involvement in the community, best service, etc.