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  • While chambers vary in size and scope, they all have a  similar history as to how they were started. A typical chamber would have started by business owners coming together to advance a common cause. It may have been to attract a railroad line to town, oppose a new business regulation or raise funds for a community project.  Business owners understand they are stronger when they work together.

    The same is true of the Allendale Area Chamber of Commerce. Although the chamber wasn’t legally formed until 2006, Allendale businesses have been working together for many years. In 1953, local businesses worked to have a post office reestablished in the township and went on to attract a dentist, a doctor and a clinic. 

    Our reason to work together today is to build a better community by advancing prosperity. Everyone wants to have a bolstering business community and from looking at back at history, we know we can’t do that alone.

    The Chamber is that joining force. My goal as the executive director is to support members in coming together and growing their businesses.  The Chamber Board of Directors will work to provide valuable benefits, access to information and an environment to succeed. Together, we are creating history. 

    Janessa Smit
    AACC Executive Director

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