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    Overview to Planning and Starting Your Business
    Presented by SCORE Counselors

    This workshop covers all aspects of starting and improving your own business. Topics Include: Steps to Get Started, Business Plan Outline, Marketing, Management, Human Resources, Financial Forecasting. Objectives: Assist you in developing your business idea, provide business resources, focus on achieving business goals, formatting your business plan and help you obtain financing.

    This overview of starting your business workshop answers questions such as:
    * What professional assistance will be needed?
    * How is competition identified and analyzed?
    * What is a Business Plan and why is one needed?
    * What business organization or legal entity should be chosen?
    * What are the tools for marketing research?
    * What financial information is required and how is financing obtained?

     Friday, February 10, 2017
    8:30AM to 11:30AM
    Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce
    111 Pearl Street NW
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503
    Cost: $25.00

    This workshop will assist you in developing your business idea and provide information on business resources, business development processes, business goals, business plan and forecasting financial needs.

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  • Financial Management
    Presented by SBDC

    Tuesday, February 21, 2017 
    6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
    GVSU L William Seidman Center, Grand Rapids

    Topic: Financial and Accounting
    This course introduces basic accounting concepts and how to apply financial information that helps small business owners manage a business more effectively. Key documents including Cash flow Statement, Profit & Loss, and Balance Sheet are explained, using specific small business examples. The course is designed to help entrepreneurs understand accounting principles and financial statements, and work more effectively with the accounting team.

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  • Business Resources

    The Allendale Area Chamber of Commerce has an alliance with the Grand Rapids Chapter of Score to help provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to start or improve your small business. How? With Workshops and FREE Counseling, for starters.

    Small Business Technology & Development Center
    The Michigan Small Business Technology and Development Center provides a full range of services to growing businesses that includes not only strategic needs assessment (SNA) and market analysis but also ongoing strategy development, financial analysis and access to capital. 


    US Small Business Administration
    Since its founding on July 30, 1953, the U.S. Small Business Administration has delivered millions of loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions and other forms of assistance to small businesses. SBA provides assistances primarily through its four programmatic functions: Access to Capital (Business Financing), Entrepreneurial Development (Education, Information, and Technical Assistance & Training), Government Contracting (Federal Procurement), and Advocacy (Voice for Small Business). 


    Seidman College of Business Information Services
    The Seidman Information Services, at Grand Valley State University, an affiliate of the Michigan Data Center Business Information Center, provides a wide variety of Information Services for all organizations, from new ventures to non-profits to large corporations. Companies throughout the United States access local, national and international information to start and grow their organizations. Available resources include demographics data, competition assessments, site-ring analysis maps, and foreign trade information.


    SBA 504 Program
    Lakeshore 504 is a non-profit corporation promoting economic development and job creation in West Michigan. Established in 1983 as a certified development company, Lakeshore 504 is licensed by the Small Business Administration to offer the SBA 504 loan. Under this program, Lakeshore 504 provides long-term financing to small businesses for real estate acquisitions, construction, and equipment purchases through the Small Business Administration. Lakeshore 504 processes, closes, and services the 504 loans. The SBA 504 loan program, administered by Lakeshore 504, provides healthy small and medium-size businesses with long-term fixed-rate financing for the acquisition or construction of fixed assets. The purpose of the Lakeshore 504 loan program is to enable small businesses to finance up to 90% of fixed assets at or below market interest rates.

    Michigan Works
    Michigan Works is the largest and most progressive workforce development association in the country. Ottawa County Michigan Works is one of the 25 Michigan Works agencies across the state delivering services to businesses and individuals. 


    Lakeshore Advantage
    The mission of Lakeshore Advantage is to drive the economic growth in our community through Vision, Innovation and Commitment. The Business Services group serves west Michigan companies with information built on thorough research, and decades of experience working with businesses across throughout west Michigan and the world. To help new and emerging businesses gain traction, the New Venture Group team serves companies at the MSU Bioeconomy Institute. The Innovation group aims to foster creativity by supporting and delivering high value programming that has the power to transform the way people do business.


    Great Lakes Ag-Tech Business Incubator
    The Great Lakes Ag-Tech Business Incubator maximizes the opportunity for farmers and entrepreneurs to rapidly commercialize ag-technology ideas and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by providing one-on-one services and propelling startup companies through business hurdles.


    Emerge is a community-based initiative; a portal to the best resources for business assistance in the area. Use the site tools and directory of partner organizations to identify and locate the specific resources you need—from business planning to product research & development to financial management.

    Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center
    MMTC provides Michigan’s small and medium-sized manufactures and food processors with operational assessments, process improvement training, mentoring services, website technical assistance and market diversification tactics.

    Building Enhancement Grant Program (temporarily unavailable)
    Allendale Charter Township and its Downtown Development Authority (DDA) have determined that a portion of the tax revenues collected by the DDA should be utilized for the enhancement of the business community in the business district. The Allendale Area Chamber of Commerce (AACC) has been charged by the DDA with administering a Building Enhancement Grant Program. The purpose of this program is to encourage the physical improvements to the exteriors of existing retail properties, primarily for rehabilitation, within the Allendale DDA business district. The appearance of the exterior of buildings, the surrounding landscaping and signs establishes the visual character of the business district and plays a major role in the marketing success of the overall area.

    It is also the intent of the program to strengthen the economic viability of the Allendale community by improving the exterior physical appearance of buildings. The public perception of the business district has a great deal of influence on its economic success. By improving its physical appearance, the business district will have a much greater potential for attracting and retaining business, as well as creating an image of strong economic health and vitality. For additional information or inquiries, please contact us.


    Data Resources

    Bureau of Labor Statistics  www.bls.gov

    Federal Statistics  www.fedstats.gov

    Michigan Department of Management & Budget  www.michigan.gov/dmb

    State of Michigan  www.michigan.gov

    U.S. Census Bureau  www.census.gov


    Information Resources

    Dorothy Johnson Center for Philanthropy  www.gvsu.edu/jcp

    Grand Rapids Community College  www.grcc.edu

    Home & Building Association of Greater Grand Rapids www.hbaggr.com

    Muskegon Area First  www.muskegonareafirst.org

    Right Place Program  www.rightplace.org

    W.E. Upjohn Institute  www.upjohninst.org