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  • Please congratulate the 2017 Best of Allendale Award Winners 

    Best Burger: Main Street Pub (AACC Member) 
    Best Pizza: Peppino's Ristorante Sports Lounge (AACC Member) 
    Best Hot Dog:  Grand Coney (AACC Member)
    Best Ice Cream Get The Scoop  (AACC Member)
    Best Breakfast: Murphy’s Family Restaurant (AACC Member) 
    Best Coffee: Biggby (AACC Member) 
    Best Place to Eat Cheap: Taco Bell 
    Best Ethnic Food: Aroy Thai
    Best Restaurant Overall: Main Street Pub (AACC Member) 
    Best Hair /Nail Salon: The Rouge Salon (AACC Member)
    Best Place to Workout:  CrossFit Allendale (AACC Member) 
    Best Place for Health Care: Metro Health (AACC Member) 
    Best Place for Your Eyes: Allendale Eye Care (AACC Member) 
    Best Place for Dental-care: Meade Zolman Family Dentistry (AACC Member) 
    Best Chiropractor: Brusveen Family Chiropractic (AACC Member) 
    Best Place for Physical Therapy & Mental Health:  Spectrum Health Medical Group-
    Campustowne (AACC Member) 
    Best Place to Go Outdoors: Allendale Township Park (AACC Member) 
    Best Place for Clothing/Shoes/Accessories: Goodwill (AACC Member) 
    Best Place for Furniture/Home Accessories: Broene’s Furniture 
    Best Nursery/Greenhouse: Countryside Greenhouse (AACC Member) 
    Best Place for Automotive Sales/Service: Tolman’s Auto-Tech Group (AACC Member) 
    Best Place to Worship: LifeStream Church (AACC Member)   
    Best Place for Your Money: Lake Michigan Credit Union (AACC Member) 
    Best Place for Insurance: State Farm Insurance—Bob Visser 
    Best Place to Store your Stuff: M & S Storage (AACC Member) 
    Best Place to Buy Groceries:  Family Fare (AACC Member) 
    Best Place For Sporting Goods & Apparel: Grand Valley Sporting Goods (AACC Member)  
    Best Local Organization: Love Inc (AACC Member)  
    Best Place to Mail A Letter: USPS    
    Best Place to Gas Up: Speedway 
    Best Customer Service: CrossFit Allendale (AACC Member) 
    Best Local Business: CrossFit Allendale (AACC Member)   
    Favorite “Go-To” Store: Dollar General
    Best New Business: Daily Deals (AACC Member) 
    Best Sports Team (Youth-Adult): GVSU Lakers (AACC Member) 
    Best Anticipated Local Event: CrossFit Allendale—The Murph (AACC Member) 
    Favorite Thing About Allendale: Community

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