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  • Helpful Tips When Working From Home

    Here are some simple ideas to take into consideration when working from home. 

    Location-Where you work matters!

    Schedule-Lines can be blurred between personal and professional.

    Daily Routine-Get dressed, do your routine.


    Meal Prep-Come up with go-to lunches.

    Take regular breaks-get some fresh air

    More Tips if You Have Children at Home

    Explain your job: Employer trusts you to work from home but, you still have to do a good job and finish things on time because others depend on you.

    Prepare: Create a boredom box (movies, art supplies, or chore list :))

    Create a system: red light (don't enter)/ green light (enter) door hanger

    Compromise: "Let me finish and we'll bake cookies at 3:00"

    Ask for help: If your family or friends offer to help, jump at the chance

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