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  • Board of Directors

  • President
    Rence Meredith
    Grand Valley State University

    Vice President 
    Mark Schmidt, BizStream

    Kristi Roelofs, Sietsema Farms


    Rich Houtteman, Consumers Energy
    Nick Lillie, Allendale Family Vision
    Craig Derks, Star Crane and Hoist 
    Amanda Murrary, Lakeshore Advantage
    Stephen Wierenga, Perception Engineering

  • Allendale Chamber Team 

    Janessa Smit
    Executive Director

    Christie Tidd
    The Announcer Graphic Designer

    Amanda Ulberg

  • The AACC Board Provides Four Functions: 
    1. Governance: Through the authority granted in the articles of incorporation and bylaws. The board is responsible for governing the organization. Governance is a broad oversight and is not considered a function of management or administration (staff roles).
    2. Policy and Position Development: The board reviews and adopts policies and positions to guide the organization and its stakeholders. Policies are adopted for reoccurring and critical issues that arise, in the form of a motion, to guide future boards and staff. Positions tend to relate to governmental platforms.
    3. Visionary: The board sets the course for the organization well into the future. Though there are term limitations, board members need to think beyond terms in order to guide the organization and community it represents. Evidence of being a visionary is reliance on the strategic plan, including a clear mission and vision.
    4. Fiduciary: The fiduciary duty is a relationship of confidence or trust between two or more parties. The board has a responsibility to protect the organization and its resources.

  • 2019 Sustaining Partner Circle Members